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Featrix Support: Uploading Data

Getting Started with Featrix: Uploading Data

Featrix provides a number of ways to connect data for training.

Uploading in the User Interface

For small amounts of data, uploading in the user interface is easy and straightforward. However, browser-based networking can be iffy at times and you may want other options.


 Uploading via the Python API

 You can upload to Featrix via the API. Create a new API Key, and use the sample code to instantiate a Featrix object in Python.


Uploading to S3 Presigned URLs

We are adding support for presigned private URLs that you can use with any HTTP client, such as curl. This will be exposed in the user interface shortly.


Downloading to Featrix

You can give a URL for Featrix to fetch, such as a Google Drive, Dropbox, or an S3 'public' url.


Connecting Directly to a Cloud Database

In private preview. Please contact us at if you'd like to connect MongoDB, Snowflake, or BigQuery to Featrix directly.


Featrix API Example

First, create your API keys in the user interface. Once you have the client_id and the client_secret, store them somewhere safe (environment variable, secrets manager, etc).

Next, install the featrixclient package with pip:

$ pip install featrixclient

Now you can write a script or use a Jupyter notebook as follows:


import featrixclient as ft

client_id = '...'              # e.g., os.environ['FEATRIX_CLIENT_ID']

client_secret = '...secret...' # e.g., os.environ['FEATRIX_CLIENT_SECRET_ID']

fc = ft.Featrix(client_id, client_secret)

# Remember, you can say help(fc), help(ft), etc. to view the built-in documentation.

fc.upload_file("path/to/csv.csv") # Returns a FeatrixUpload object on success or will raise an exception

At this point, you can connect the data in the user interface


Additional Help

These additional articles are here to help.

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    Learn about our API keys, security, and teams.

  • API Documentation

    Everything in Featrix is accessible via our documented API.

  • Multiple Data Sets

    Learn how to connect multiple data sets together, even when there is no join key.

  • Neural Function Performance

    Learn about accuracy, precision, recall, and other metrics with Featrix.

  • Updating Data

    Learn how to add new versions of data and train new models.

  • Billing and Credits

    Learn how billing and credits work.

How can we help?

Reach out via or schedule time to meet with a developer on our team.