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AI for Web Developers

JavaScript? Browser? Easy? Yes, yes, yes.

Hosted, powerful AI with JavaScript

We bring AI to your application

Featrix is a powerful AI system. And we're making it available to any developer on any platform, including JavaScript and TypeScript environments.

End-to-end from data to hosting

If you look at the schematics for what usually goes into an AI system, you'll see that you need about 12-20 products from just as many vendors. This means you're going to need a big team and it's going to cost millions of dollars. That means AI is typically off limits for smaller projects and teams.

With Featrix, you don't need anything else. Featrix provides you the latest AI technologies under the hood, simplified into a few API calls, that let you build predictive analytics, classification, and recommendation right into your app. You can collect "data exhaust" for later AI work, you can update Featrix models with feedback on specific predictions, and get automatic training, monitoring, and full AI hosting, all in one place.

Pay for only what you use

No more dreading the first of the month with invoices from SaaS companies that you forgot about. Featrix only charges you for what you use. There's no per seat pricing or weird limitations. You get the full AI platform and services and use them a lot or use them a little--the pricing is elastic and budgeted so you're always in control.

Easy Recommendations and more

Think about it: every list in your application is an opportunity to personalize. Whether you want to show a list of retail locations, a list of documents the user might want to use, or a list of products to order, if you're not personalizing the order of lists, you're missing out on customer value.

The biggest product teams sell more. What’s their secret? The “recommended for you” lets them reinforce and surface recommendations that their customers want, spurring their customers to buy more, engage more, and invest more in those products. As a smaller budget project, what are your options? Well, you could build something yourself. But doing so is expensive and will require a lot of work. 

No data preparation

You can hook up data to power your AI out of the box with Featrix with no cleaning or other fancy data preparation required. Just upload a CSV file of your training data, tell Featrix which field you want to predict, and Featrix takes care of the rest automatically by building you what we call a neural function. Featrix even gives you code to copy and paste into your project to call your neural function with whatever input parameters you need. Every prediction you make with Featrix includes a uuid that lets you come back at any point later and tell Featrix the real value. So if you predicted a customer would buy a blue shirt and they bought a red one, you can tell Featrix and it will update its data automatically. 

No data? Use Featrix to collect it.

Data is the backbone of AI--but getting it in the first place can be a project on its own. Featrix includes a Feeds feature that lets you feed data into Featrix. Simply pass in a JSON object or an array of objects to add to your Feed. You can create as many feeds as you need to, with unique names, and then your application can post any event to the Feeds. Once you have enough data in the Feed, Featrix can automatically build AI models for you and enable your application to get smarter as the data builds up. That's a complete solution without a lot of lift.


Working with us

We make it easy to work with us. If you would like to partner with Featrix, contact

Featrix: Now any developer can build powerful machine learning solutions using the latest techniques with a simple API.

No data preparation. No feature engineering. No hyper-parameter tuning. No unexpected cloud bills.

With Featrix, a few API calls are all you need to build elite-level machine learning without all the complexity.