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Featrix Feeds

Collect event data and make recommendations with just a few API calls. No additional tools required.

Personalization and recommendation for all apps

Simply send events and get predictions

No matter what type of application you're building, whether it's internal to a business tool or a consumer iPhone app, customers expect smarter applications. Featrix Feeds is a easy way to provide predictive recommendations to your customers no matter the app type with almost no work for you.

Featrix Feeds gives you a robust and easy recommendation system to enable personalization in your apps and web services without a big investment.

Simply send event streams to Featrix with a single API call and ask Featrix to provide recommendations with another API call. You can change your data formats, provide positive and negative events, and even put change event weights so that Featrix can help you achieve your business goals without the complexity of a big machine learning project.

Our story

1. Collect Data. No database needed.

The first step is to collect data. You can use our API call to send over JSON data for any event on your web site, for example. Tell Featrix when something good and when something bad happens. Tell Featrix how much an event is worth. Format the data in whatever way you need to and change it as you need to without any manual reconfiguration. Featrix will adapt and adjust.

2. No up-front analysis or guessing

You don't have to guess what might be useful and what might not be. Just chuck it all over the fence to Featrix and we'll sort it out.

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3. Get Recommendations

Simply call Featrix's API whenever you need a recommendation list. Featrix will return an arrangement of data for your application and user context.



Customers expect smarter applications. It's time to deliver.