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Featrix Haystack

Prioritize your CRM contacts, informed by

what has worked (and what has not) for your organization.

Success today in sales and marketing depends on data. You already have massive amounts of data: website clicks, email sign-ups, notes on in-person visits—the list goes on. Featrix Haystack lets you leverage this data into real actionable scoring of leads to focus on. You can get started without any costly integrations.

Featrix brings cutting edge AI and data techniques used by the biggest and most advanced organizations into a simple technology solution that anyone can use. 

You can easily try Featrix Haystack by just dragging in CSV files of Salesforce dumps or other data sources. Featrix Haystack will enrich the data, build a custom neural network on your data, and give you a list of your next set of prospects with no manual work.

How Featrix Haystack works

Focus on the leads that AI finds  promising for your business.

When it comes to prioritizing contacts, things can be difficult. When you’re buying data from the big vendors, you might have SIC codes, NAICS codes, headcount, and annual revenue. These data items are often wrong, missing, or conflated among each other. Further, while your sales and marketing teams interacts with these contacts, the company is a hidden layer behind all the contacts. So we need a two layer solution that models both companies and contacts.

You can extract three sets from your CRM, and load them into Featrix: the universe of contacts available to us, the list of “good” outcomes, and the list of “unwanted” outcomes. Featrix Haystack takes in your lists, adds additional data enrichment, and ranks and sorts your universe of what’s possible.

From the scored list, you can build tailored campaigns to test new business hypotheses and optimize existing campaigns. Featrix Haystack can continuously learn and improve its ranking from your new activity going forward.


Discovery and Naming of Groupings

Featrix enriches your business data with information available on the internet, creates embedding representations, and applies proprietary clustering techniques to discover and label meaningful groups. To take the process a step further, Featrix Haystack automatically generates descriptions of the groups, which yields candidate names for the identified groups that are contextually appropriate, depending on the types of companies in your data.

It almost sounds like magic — but it's working in production at multiple customers today.


Featrix Groupings

Getting Started is Easy

Sign up for Featrix, start a "Haystack" project, upload your contact lists and see the prioritization work.