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Featrix Explorer

You have some data. "Will it AI?"

We've heard the story over and over from all kinds of customers. Getting return on investment from AI is extremely tricky. Why? The up-front cost of preparing a data set for predictive AI is expensive and can take weeks or months to sort out.

With Featrix, you can get started on a new data set right away. Just upload it to Featrix and learn whether the data set contains sufficient structure to build AI models.  The structure that your data comes with is typically not the structure that you want. Featrix will automatically create any possible models and evaluate them while you go get some coffee and work on that other thing for your boss.

Brief overview how Featrix Explorer works

How Featrix Explorer works

Combine data without joining

The first step in a typical data science project is joining data from multiple sources, and that’s notoriously difficult and computationally expensive. When the data requires mapping fields that don’t quite line up, that can turn into a week-long project. - Learn more about the data fusion challenge in this blog.

Under the hood, Featrix operates completely differently than traditional approaches to AI. Featrix uses cutting edge techniques to create its own vector embeddings-based foundations on your data. This vector computation is far more flexible than traditional models and lets us rapidly evaluate and visualize relationships in the data, without having to teach Featrix about them.

See the power of embedding-based analytics at work in how  a Boston government data set ends up being trained with Featrix. In particular, the adjacent police districts end up in proximity in the Featrix embedding space!


Featrix uncovers relationships

Stop guessing and let Featrix figure it out! Featrix trains neural functions on the embedding space that preserve rich context and relationships. You can build a variety of neural functions for different purposes, and thus achieve efficiency within one project.

Tools for success at every skill level

Featrix enables users of any skill level to achieve elite-level AI results, even for the AI novice.

You can even query and sample our embedding space to build understanding across any variables. The Featrix embedding spaces can reveal complex relationships that might otherwise be difficult to uncover and require days or weeks of coding, and Featrix provides a variety of visualizations out of the box.

With Featrix, understanding the inherent AI power and possibility of new data sets change from being a big project to a small task. And a small task means you can get results in an afternoon.

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Getting Started is Easy

Getting from data to an AI strategy used to be expensive. We can help with a fixed price project. Sign up and upload your data. Featrix will process it and send you an email report when it's done. - No credit card required for up to 100,000 rows.