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Featrix Product Overview

Powerful AI. Easily Delivered.

Why Choose Featrix?

  • Bring your data without joining or cleaning. Featrix works on "raw" data.
  • Pre-train and fine-tune our embeddings and leverage the latest models from others.
  • Combine data from multiple sources into one unified representation.
  • With our API, work from your favorite environment, such as Jupyter or VSCode.
  • Complete end-to-end solution with no other required tooling or platforms.
  • Run in our cloud or yours.
  • No per-seat costs; you pay only for what you use when you use it.


Now you can implement AI successfully with the data you actually have, not the data you wish you had.

Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Bring your data without joining or cleaning. Featrix works on "raw" data, even when there are no traditional join keys (e.g., scalars)
  • Explore models interactively with our GUI or via our API.
  • Instead of relying on statistical analysis, the embedding space captures the structure and relationships hidden in your data.
  • Scale to large datasets without sacrificing performance or usability.
  • No feature engineering. Get predictive models as neural functions on the embedding space.
Example of structure revealed in embeddings.

The Easiest AI We've Ever Seen.

  • Connect data sources with a click of a button, or one API call.

  • You can easily apply AI to your data with Featrix in just a few mouse clicks or one API call. Under the hood, Featrix performs two steps: First, Featrix trains an underlying foundation (embedding space); second, Featrix trains your specific predictors, called neural functions.
  • End-to-end management from data access to model serving and monitoring your AI system. There's nothing else to buy or configure.
  • Collaborate with coworkers, partners, consultants, customers without additional seat charges.


Any developer can become a
machine learning powerhouse with


How Featrix Works

Building predictive models to power your app is easy and fast with Featrix:

  • You upload your data - raw, no cleaning needed.
  • Featrix encodes that data by training a compact embedding model.
  • You obtain a predictor by asking Featrix to train a neural function. The neural function leverages embedding space created in the previous step.
  • Featrix provides an endpoint for your app to access the predictor

Simply provide Featrix with some data and configure up one or more neural functions to run on that data and you're ready to start building AI-powered applications without having to hire a specialized team or spend a lot of time learning how to build and scale machine learning workloads. Featrix takes care of the details so you can focus on the business results.

In addition to our AI SDK, Featrix includes powerful built-in solutions:

Featrix Explorer

Determine "Will it AI?" for any tabular data set automatically.

Featrix Haystack

For sales and marketing teams, Featrix Haystack helps you prioritize your CRM contacts.

Featrix Feeds

The easiest personalization and recommendation solution for any web site or application.