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Featrix Pricing

Buy credits. Use them as you need them.

Usage-based pricing with no monthly minimum.

All plans are metered based on what you actually use. No more surprise bills or paying when you haven't done anything. You can scale your plan up or down as needed.


$10 of credits for free

Check out the API and try it out in your app with no risk.
  • $10 of credits to start for free.
  • Requires a verified work email.
  • Full access to the product with enough credits to try existing models or train limited data sets.
  • Invite colleagues and get a sense of using Featrix without a credit card.

Single Charge

$100 or $500 credit packs

Train about 3-5 neural functions and run some experiments.
  • Continue the work from your trial and explore without much risk.
  • Try larger models and data sets, collaborate with colleagues.
  • Implement a live ML project and see the ROI for yourself.
  • Your credits can be used any time.

  • Great for evaluating results on small data sets (e.g, 200,000 rows).
  • Great for Featrix Feeds projects.


$1 per credit per month

Scale up your project and run millions of predictions.
  • Enough credits to do some big work: updating models, running inference, and storing significant data
  • For example, store up to 2,000 GB of data and Featrix metadata.
  • Work with bigger compute engines for quicker turnaround on training and updating neural functions.
  • Your credits can be used any time.
  • Great for bigger data sets (millions of rows) and running more intricate neural functions.
  • Great for continuous predictions.

All plans include

We've built Featrix to handle the world's most important projects: yours.

  • Complete API Access

    Our powerful REST API enables integration into web service or application.

  • Guardrails and Safety

    Featrix's unique data representation enables Featrix to tell you it doesn't have confidence in a prediction because the inputs map to a place with too little training data. Guardrails let you see at a glance when model drift is happening or unexpected inputs are creeping in. No third party tools needed.

  • Controlled Costs

    Featrix is all about automation and control. With Featrix, you're in charge of how you spend your budget. When you build a neural function, you can set a budget and Featrix will do the best job it can within that budget. You can always see your current balance and spend in the dashboard without any hidden surpirses.

  • Robust data handling

    Work on your raw data as it is. Featrix determines how to encode, represent null, handle mixed types, and more.

  • Unlimited neural functions

    Create as many neural functions as you want. As you build functions on the same set of data, you get cost efficiencies and performance by leveraging the underlying foundational model that Featrix builds on your data.

  • Work with all data

    Bring in more data sources, whether public, purchased or internal data and easily connect new data to enrich your machine learning without big data joins and a lot of work making things line up.

Featrix: Now any developer can build powerful machine learning solutions using the latest techniques with a simple API.

No data preparation. No feature engineering. No hyper-parameter tuning. No unexpected cloud bills.

With Featrix, a few API calls are all you need to build elite-level machine learning without all the complexity.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Email us at

How is Featrix metered?

We charge you only for what you use. We charge for neural function training, making predictions, and storage of data and metadata. You can see all the resources utilized per project in the user interface.

Our goal is to be very clear about costs with no surprises.

Will you charge my account automatically?

Keeping your ML system online is important. We will refill credits automatically if you start to run low. We'll send you an email before we do. We'll charge you by your previous credit purchase unless you have changed your billing settings.

If you disable all automatic charges, then your predictions may go offline if your application continues to call Featrix and you don't recharge your account.

I have a specific SLA, need 24x7 support, need to integrate with special apps, etc.

Of course. We're happy to work with you on your needs; we have extensive experience delivering solutions to the most complex enterprises. Our team has delivered solutions to elite government agencies and most of the Fortune 100 over the course of their careers. Please get in touch at

Can I run Featrix in my cloud?

Yes, Featrix can run in Kubernetes or other Docker runtimes. We support private cloud deployments as part of an enterprise contract and we're happy to work with your team or your system integrator as needed. Get in touch at to discuss.

Can I buy from a partner?

We are happy to work with your channel partner, system integrator, or preferred vendor. Just get in touch at and we can connect.

Do you offer phone support?

We are happy to get on a call with any customer. We offer support contracts guaranteeing a phone number and response SLAs, write to for more information.

What about security?

We take your privacy seriously. We use industry standard best practices (scanning of packages, scanning of cloud servers, MFA on admin accounts, and so on). We regularly review and adjust our security peactices on a quarterly basis. We can answer additional questions via email. Write to