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Boost your background

… and learn something as you do!
Hang it on your office. Or your boss's office.

This poster makes an awesome real life Zoom background.

We will mail you a large 22" x 28" poster.

"Lower 48" United States mailing addresses only for now.

Not in the US? Drop us a line if you wish we were shipping to other countries and let us know where you're at so we can look at local ways to get you a poster in the future.

Only completed forms with valid USPS mailing addresses will be fulfilled. Available while supplies last.

You can also download a PDF.

The PDF contains 55 million pixels. Use it as a virtual background. Share it with your team. And don't forget to try out Featrix.


Featrix: Now any developer can build powerful machine learning solutions using the latest techniques with a simple API.

No data preparation. No feature engineering. No hyper-parameter tuning. No unexpected cloud bills.

With Featrix, a few API calls are all you need to build elite-level machine learning without all the complexity.