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Featrix Partners

We make it easy to work together.

Service Providers

We are a Key Enabler

AI, machine learning, and data are hot topics in every industry today. Featrix’s cutting edge capabilities help enable projects in these domains to be successful with reduced cost. Featrix is recruiting system integrators and channel partners that specialize in:

  • Data integration: For data-focused consultancies that want to bring machine learning to their customers without the costs of a fully staffed machine learning practice.
  • Machine learning: For ML-focused partners who face uncertain ROI with their customers, Featrix accelerates time to value.

Featrix is Committed to Partners

Featrix is committed to its channel partners. Featrix fosters its partners' success by working with rather than competing with them for sales. Our structured partner program offers channel partners and integrators support through training, marketing, business development, and more. The program is designed to fit the needs and abilities of channel partners of every size. We provide highly competitive discounts with larger margins than many software OEMs typically provide.

Featrix Partner Program Benefits

The Partner Program was designed to maximize benefits to our partner. Benefits include:

  • Generous margins, particularly for deals initiated by partners.
  • Dedicated Territory Manager
  • Lead Registration Program
  • Sales Training Support
  • Qualified Leads
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing and PR Support

Technology OEM

Featrix's Machine Learning Gateway enables exciting new capabilities in conjunction with other products. 

Your Time to Market is Critical

Machine learning and data technologies are rapidly transforming every industry. For both new and established server, networking, and storage vendors, time to market is critical in establishing a presence. Featrix can help you accelerate your efforts in machine learning. Why take precious internal cycles and delay time to market when you can OEM a proven solution?

Featrix is Committed To OEM Partners

A robust set of OEM solutions is part of the Featrix vision. Featrix knows that it can best become a market force by recruiting and making OEM Partners successful. Featrix ensures that OEM Partners ramp from prototype to product in the fastest possible timeframe. The OEM Partner Program offers support through training, integration and embedding assistance, marketing, business development, and more. With Featrix, OEM Partners can become part of the machine learning ecosystem quickly and without the challenges inherent in launching internal from scratch machine learning development efforts.

Featrix OEM Partner Program Benefits

The OEM Partner Program is designed to maximize benefits to our OEM Partners, including:

  • Featrix product training
  • Integration assistance
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Sales training support
  • Technical support
  • Marketing and PR support


Working together

We make it easy to work together. If you would like to partner with Featrix, contact

Featrix: Now any developer can build powerful machine learning solutions using the latest techniques with a simple API.

No data preparation. No feature engineering. No hyper-parameter tuning. No unexpected cloud bills.

With Featrix, a few API calls are all you need to build elite-level machine learning without all the complexity.