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Featrix Haystack

AI-powered lead scoring and prospecting

Prioritize CRM contacts and key accounts in the ocean of data from your favorite data vendor. With Featrix, you can bring your historical success and misses to the ocean of contacts in your CRM and prioritize appropriately by integrating external data that is outside your CRM. As your activities reveal more information, Featrix Haystack can adjust and update its scoring of your contacts.


How Featrix Haystack works

When it comes to prioritizing contacts, things can be difficult. When you’re buying data from the big vendors, you might have SIC codes, NAICS codes, headcount, and annual revenue. These data items are often wrong, missing, or conflated among each other. Further, while your sales and marketing teams interacts with these contacts, the company is a hidden layer behind all the contacts. So we need a two layer solution that models both companies and contacts.

You can extract three sets from your CRM, and load them into Featrix: the universe of contacts available to us, the list of “good” outcomes, and the list of “unwanted” outcomes. Featrix Haystack takes in your lists, adds additional data enrichment, and ranks and sorts your universe of what’s possible.

From the scored list, you can build tailored campaigns to test new business hypotheses and optimize existing campaigns. Featrix Haystack can continuously learn and improve its ranking from your new activity going forward.

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Getting Started is Easy

Talk to us and book a meeting, or sign up for Featrix by clicking the "Sign up for a trial" link, and start a "Haystack" project