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Featrix Demos

Featrix is a powerful automated system to bridge structured data into vector embeddings for downstream ML tasks.

This page lets you see Featrix in action in live Google Colab notebooks with example data sets. Feel free to modify the data, retrain the vector spaces and models, and so on.

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Mortgage Loan Data

This demo shows the Featrix API through an end-to-end example of using a custom Featrix embedding space to train a predictive model for classifying loan applications. 



Boston City 311 Data

This demo shows using a trained embedding space to explore the relationships within the data, uncover mutual information, and Featrix's noise robustness.



Open sklearn Credit Data Demo

This demo shows the prediction on the sklearn credit "good/bad" data set.


Pretty cool stuff, right?

We're looking for feedback. Let us know what you think!