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Unlock AI for your data

(And unlock your data for AI)

Find and leverage the hidden relationships in your data
No data science team needed

Easy Deep Learning on Your Data

Featrix assumes nothing. Simply connect your data source and Featrix then constructs a custom neural network that automatically uncovers the hidden relationships in your data. 

Featrix has no assumptions built-in about your data or what the fields in your data mean. So you can bring in any data sets and construct your own data-specific models that then uncover hidden patterns that then enable the most powerful and authoritative results possible on your data.

From this, you can build recommendation, scoring, prediction, and analytics on your data and access these models with an secure authenticated HTTPS call. And as new data comes in, you can continuously update and serve these models.

You won't find an easier solution for machine learning on your data.

And you don't need to be a data science expert to use Featrix.

Featrix Haystack: Sales & Marketing CRM Prioritization

Prioritize CRM contacts and key accounts in the ocean of data from your favorite data vendor. With Featrix, you can bring your historical success and misses to the ocean of contacts in your CRM and prioritize appropriately by integrating external data that is outside your CRM. As your activities reveal more information, Featrix Haystack can adjust and update its scoring of your contacts.



Featrix lets you find out what you can do with your data as it exists right now.

What can I predict? What data is related? What can automatically improve this data?

Our fixed price assessment lets you rapidly evaluate data sets out of the box and find utility without a big project.

AI for all developers

Without Featrix, predictive AI projects can take weeks or months.

Featrix changes projects into tasks.

Featrix Explorer: Can we AI this data set?

Nearly every business has some kind of data set: receipts, invoices, web traffic, shipments, returns, and more. No matter what, you can load those data items into Featrix Explorer and get an automated exploratory data analysis of what is possible with the data set.

This is a hands-off operation. Simply upload your data set and Featrix Explorer will email you a report when it's ready. Pricing is fixed so you know exactly what the analysis will cost with no surprises.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 4.52.10 PM

Featrix Feeds: The Easiest Personalization You'll Ever Use

Everyone wants personalization, but it has traditionally been extremely complicated to build.

We designed Featrix Feeds to be the simplest and easiest recommendation system you'll ever use. Every time you show your customer a list, you have the opportunity to highlight key elements that might be of the most interest to that specific customer for every customer. With Featrix Feeds, you can do this in real time and no delays.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 8.57.10 AM

How Featrix Works

We've packed a ton of cutting edge technology in Featrix.

You don't have to understand any of it to get valuable results.

Featrix finds the patterns in your data, discovers relationships from adjacent data sources, and builds powerful predictors without a big data  science effort.

No cleaning data, no developing AI expertise, and no giant projects are required to build powerful solutions for your business. 

AI for all developers 

Any developer can become a machine learning powerhouse with
our "Data Science Team in a Box" solution.

Simply provide Featrix with some data and configure up one or more neural functions to run on that data and you're ready to start building AI-powered applications without having to hire a specialized team or spend a lot of time learning how to build and scale machine learning workloads. Featrix takes care of the details so you can focus on the business results.

Featrix Feeds simplifies personalization and recommendation for all apps

Simply send events and get predictions

No matter what type of application you're building, whether it's internal to a business or a consumer iPhone app, customers expect smarter applications. Featrix Feeds is a easy way to provide predictive recommendations to your customers no matter the app type with almost no work for you.

Featrix Feeds gives you a robust and easy recommendation system to enable personalization in your apps and web services without a big investment.

Simply send event streams to Featrix with a single API call and ask Featrix to provide recommendations with another API call. You can change your data formats, provide positive and negative events, and even put change event weights so that Featrix can help you achieve your business goals without the complexity of a big machine learning project.


Change AI projects into tasks

Train a model for as little as $10

We've heard the same story from every customer: Machine learning projects are fraught with risk. The cost to prepare data, connect data, and architect and operate a machine learning system is non-trivial. It requires highly specialized skills and years of experience to choose the right machine learning approaches to the right kinds of data and problems.

By leveraging the power of new generative AI techniques, Featrix lets you build robust systems directly on top of uncleaned data. Featrix provides "progressive enrichment" of its systems to let you get up and running quickly and refine the quality of your systems over time. You can get started with the data you have today instead of waiting for months to get approval for budget to clean and optimize data for machine learning experiments that frankly have an unknown ROI when you start.

Featrix untangles gnarly data into the richest statistical representations, meaning you don't have to do any feature engineering or cleaning to build a robust machine learning system.

Today, machine learning teams handle this process manually, leading to exploding budgets, project delays, and fragile results.

Now you can implement AI successfully
with the data you actually have,
not the data you wish you had.

Many data experts insist that enterprise data is in no shape to be used with machine learning due to problematic data. For traditional approaches to machine learning, they are absolutely right. Data preparation is a considerable burden and an ongoing challenge for machine learning project prototypes and production deployments. That's one of the reasons we built Featrix. Once you try machine learning with Featrix, you'll never go back to the old way of spending days or weeks messing with data.

Featrix can be controlled via API or GUI

Collaborate with coworkers, partners, consultants, customers. End-to-end management from data access to model serving. There's nothing else to buy or configure.


You can easily set up machine learning functions with Featrix in just a few clicks. You can also use our API to automate creation and manipulation of Featrix models.


Connecting data sources, collaborating with team members and monitoring your machine learning system is easy with Featrix. No separate tools are needed to build, test, and run a complete machine learning operation.

Enrich data without joining

The best way to improve model accuracy is to enrich the data, i.e., to add more data to the model that provides additional context. This usually involves doing some kind of join, which is computationally expensive, and when the data requires mapping multiple fields together that don't quite line up, it can turn into a week long project.

Featrix lets you skip over that by training an embedding space with multiple data sources. You can bring together disparate data and create models across the data sets, uncovering insights that are not directly in any single data set.

The power of embedding-based analytics lets us build this capability without the join--not only do you not do the join, but we don't either. This is a huge savings of your time and compute bill of traditional data providers.


Featrix is a new approach to machine learning

We remove the noise. Literally.

Featrix finds deep patterns when comparing the embeddings of two variables during training

Stop guessing what might work and let Featrix figure it out

In this figure, Featrix uncovers the relationships between two variables during its learning process. These relationships will be preserved and automatically available to neural functions built on this data.

This means these functions get rich context from their input data but can be built in a straightforward manner. You can build a variety of neural functions within a project in Featrix, enabling efficiency across the group of functions. This means lower costs and greater confidence in your results.


Pretraining & Fine-Tuning

Do you have strong opinions? You're in luck. Featrix offers tons of flexibility, but you don't have to use it. You can also fine-tune the Featrix embedding models for your own specific needs, as well as train models on a subset of the embedding space.

Controlled spend

No one wants a surprise bill. You can set a budget when creating your machine learning models and ensure your training never exceeds that budget. If you want more accuracy, simply apply more budget to the model and Featrix will pick up where it left off before.

With Featrix, your bill is always predictable and never exceeds what you configure.

Multi-modality enrichment

Featrix's underlying use of vectors enables you to combine embeddings from other systems into one unifying representation. You can connect other embeddings, use standard open source models, provide your own, and more. Featrix handles all the versioning, semantics, and management of the vector space. 

So Easy to Use Your Boss Could Do It

But maybe we'll keep that between us.



Learn more about Featrix with our CTO, Pawel Zimoch, in this video:

"… we changed to the Featrix approach and let our model figure out what matters. [We had] remarkable improvement in the model. And what I like best is we no longer have to hand engineer all these features and track them and so forth."

— Sr Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Fortune 200


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